Sunday, January 29, 2006

Flash On-line Detective Games


A Case of the Crabs - Flash game

: Something stinks and it smells like crab, only there's something funny
: about these crustaceans. You play as Detective Nick Bounty, who
: despite his ability to solve the most tangled cases, has yet to work
: for a paying client. This time it's up to you to discover who knocked
: off a local seafood salesman and get to the bottom of a diabolical
: counterfeiting operation!

The Goat in the Grey Fedora - Flash game

: is the follow up to the award winning Point & Click adventure, "A Case
: of the Crabs". This time, detective Nick Bounty sets out to find a
: missing ceramic goat for the neice of a recently deceased lawyer. He
: soon finds out, however, that he isn't the only one looking for it!

Mark Reiff <>

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