Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September Eleven Remembered in Poland


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"September Eleven Remembered in Poland"
thenews.pl via FR

: Candles will burn again on the symbolic graves of those from the
: Podlasie Region in Poland who perished in the terrorist attack on the
: World Trade Centre six years ago.

: Among them were Lukasz Milewski from Suwalki and Dorota Kopiczko from
: Augustow.

: In the Suwalki cementary, there is a tombstone dedicated to the two
: who died, which resembles the Twin Towers joined by a crucifix, where
: candles are lit up on every September 11.

: The Christ the King Chapel in Suwa?ki is dedicated to Lukasz and the
: church bell is named after him.

: A mass is held in his honour Suwalki on every anniversary of the
: tragedy. Lukasz Milewski was 21 years old.

: His body was one of many never identified.

: Friends and family will also gather around the symbolic grave of
: Dorota Kopiczko from Augustów who perished on the same day. Dorota and
: ?ukasz are also among the six names engraved on the commemorative
: plaque in Warsaw dedicated to the New York attack victims.

: The message on the plaque reads: "In honour of the Poles who lost
: their lives on that day".

: In Poznan firemen will commemorate the lives of 300 of their American
: colleagues who then died while on a rescue mission.

: A commemorative assembly will also be held by young people from in the
: town of Kalisz and surrounding areas.

: They will burn candles for the 9/11 victims in a wood clearing by the
: obelisks near the village of Szwacin.

: Six years ago, on September 11 two passenger planes hit the World
: Trade Centre killing more than 2700 people.

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